Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 animation goals + bean design

My animation goals:

To be able to make awesome flash animations like

I adore his timing, movement, camera angles and those film 'tricks' that bring the entire piece altogether in one epic animation.

"I really dislike 3d and almost souly prefer flash/2d animation."

Is something I have said and continue to say on occassion; so let us see if that still holds true by the end of this year~


inspired by


Ian said...

Haha love it Kuru. Using refrence is a great idea. Keep the image around when your modeling, use it as your bench mark and find the time to make it that good ;)

Ian said...

hame about your loathing for 3D though, I remember try to explain to you that eventually you can see past all the technical problems and focus on the animation. When all is said and donr a professional animator spends 95% of their time thinking about posing, timing and spacing. The tool is irrelivant.

What is relivant is that I could count the amount of full time jobs for flash animators in Brisbane on my fingers.

But I know you better than to think your course can be changed on a dime ;). If your goal is to be a flash animator then so be it, but you are going top have to work very hard. Get into it :P

Willem Wynand said...

Ha thats awsome, love the color =)

Mi_Mi said...

wow this is amzing i love the outcome soo pretty and i love the 3d effect^^